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Lawn Mowing


Most people have no problem with getting outside and do lawn mowing, trimming and edging their lawns once a week. In fact, some people enjoy that. However, the problem is that your lawn needs constant attention and care, this requires time you probably don’t have to spare. With our residential lawn maintenance, our crews can come to your property each week to make sure it is looking its best. This means:

  • Lawn mowing, trimming, edging and blowing
  • Looking for problem areas on your property
  • Providing specialty lawn services to address those problems
  • Doing all this at a cost-efficient price point

We are not your typical mow-and-go operation. Our residential lawn maintenance services are invested in the beauty of your property. We carefully examine to identify problem areas before they progress to become a more damaging presence within your lawn. These issues can be anything from a weed infestation, pest problem or more. You can give your lawn all of the water and fertiliser that you want. But if you don’t mow your lawn properly, it will quickly run wild. A professional finish to your lawn can make all the difference and will have your neighbours wondering what your secret is.

Having grass tickling your kneecaps is a wonderful feeling… if you are out in the bush. But in your garden? Not as wonderful. There are plenty of reasons to keep your lawn in good condition. Long grass makes for hard and sharp blades when cut back and lacks the luster of a regularly mowed lawn.


We get it. It might be tempting to go all out and scalp your lawn for a thick, compact finish. But here’s the thing. The grass blade is what generates food by photosynthesizing sunlight. The shorter you go, the fewer nutrients your lawn can produce for itself.

Basically, if you cut off the food source, you are going to have to fertilise your lawn yourself! If you don’t, then your lawn is going to fail to thrive and will start to look patchy and sick in no time at all. Of course, a short, sharp chop is sometimes needed. And every now and then is not going to have any long-lasting impact on your lawn.


It’s important to remember the 1/3 principle when it comes to lawn care. You should never cut your grass more than 1/3 of its original height at any time. This could cause trauma to the grass and result in discoloration. The perfect height for the grass in your garden depends on the type of grass and the season. Different types of grass thrive at different heights, and all grass should be kept longer in the summer to help cut down on water usage. Higher blades of grass help prevent water from evaporating as quickly, allowing you to save some money and still have a gorgeous garden.

Most lawn grass is best kept at 2.5cm-4cm tall. In patches that get more wear and are heavily used, leave it a little longer, say 4cm-5cm. In shade, you could leave it still longer, at 7cm-8cm.


We make use of professional and industrial lawnmowers. We do not use brush cutters, “weedeaters”, string trimmers or nail clippers to mow your lawn.

Lawn Mowing
Lawn Mowing
Lawn Mowing